Custom Tailored Leather Jacket for Women spotted : Gigi Hadid


UNIQUE MADE TO MEASURE Custom Tailored Leather Jacket for Women  spotted : Gigi Hadid

Our custom tailored items are uniquely made to measure, designed for your comfort and versatile to wear in both hot and cold climates. Our items are made out of high-quality 100% genuine lambskin leather that can add a touch of style to any outfit.


You can find the PDF Guide in the ATTACHMENTS tab on this page. This guide has simple, step-by-step instructions including diagrams. You can easily take your measurements at home by using a fabric tape measure. We can save your details for future orders, so you only have to measure once. Simply create your user account in our shop so we can associate the measurements with your record.

Data sheet

Lambskin Leather
100% Satin

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