WHy custom tailored made to measure leather clothing

Have you ever thought about having a garment made to measure? Unfortunately, many people think only of high costs. Yes, a made-to-measure product has its price, because in our tailoring shop we manufacture according to traditional craftsmanship. But what about all the advantages that a made-to-measure garment offers you? We have summarized the most important ones for you in this article:

1. Freedom from fashion trends

The following scenario will probably sound familiar to you: you are looking for a blouse, dress or trousers in a specific colour. But you won't find anything because - as the friendly saleswoman tells you - "Unfortunately, this color is not one of the current trend colors".

If you have a piece of clothing made to measure, you are completely independent of such fashion trends. Also in terms of silhouettes and cuts. Drainpipe pants are trendy right now, but you prefer something a little wider? No problem - in our tailoring we manufacture your desired garment exactly according to your ideas.

2. Individuality & own style

This brings us to the second argument: You alone determine how your finished garment should look. There are no limits to your imagination - anything is possible! Express your personal style through your clothes and add individuality to your wardrobe with a made-to-measure product.

3. Accuracy of fit

Clothing off the rack is made in standard sizes. Every body shape is different and has its own characteristics. You may be familiar with the problem that you would like clothing to be tight on the top but loose and comfortable on the bottom. Basically two different dress sizes in combination. Or do you always have to have trousers modified after you buy them so that they fit properly?

All of these problems do not even arise with a made-to-measure product, because the pattern is created according to your individual body measurements. In addition, the fitting ensures that the garment actually fits perfectly in the end.


4. Support of crafts

If you decide to have it made to measure, your desired model will be made in Pakistan according to traditional craftsmanship, directly in our tailoring in Karachi - quality "Made in Pakistan".


5. Your garment is unique

And last but not least, the most important argument for a made-to-measure product in our eyes: You determine the cut, shape, color and select the materials together with me. In addition, the cut for your custom-made product is created individually according to your measurements. Your made-to-measure product is and will remain an unmistakable one-off!